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I Believe in MiNYanim

This week’s update has arrived. Learn about my week with MiNYanim, what I learned, and what continues to inspire me. Reactions and discussions always welcome.

I Believe in Spiritual Tension

Read this blog written by a good friend about her struggle with her love of Judaism and her frustrations with archaic Jewish tradition. Speaks mountains to spiritual tension and to how we can try each day to find comfort in our own bodies.

I Believe in Community

Read about this week in Budapest, Hungary, finding and defining community.

I Believe in Overcoming Obstacles

How I got over an abrupt return from Poland to Budapest

I Believe in Passion in Poland

Read about this week’s experiences in Warsaw and Krakow exploring modern Jewish takes on Jewish history and Jewish identity

"Don’t think or judge, just listen."


Sarah Dessen, Just Listen

(via purplebuddhaproject)

I Believe in The Power of a Smile

"For me, this story truly brought the expression “smiling is universal” to life. As the images travel across many countries and ages, we travel through lives and moments that everyone can understand and enjoy."

Check out this awesome photographic story by Marie McGrory at National Geographic

I Believe in Listening

Read up on my third week in Budapest, Hungary, compiling stories of identity, faith, and resilience

I Believe in Survivors

Read Dr. Edith Eva Eger’s story of survival, resilience, compassion, and hope. 

I Believe in The Power of Memory

Read about the Yellow Star Houses Movement in Budapest last Saturday, June 21, the 70th anniversary of the decree of the yellow star houses